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Our custom-built metal barns provide a safe place for your livestock, equipment & other storage needs.
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    Metal Barns

    If you’re looking for metal barns or flexible storage areas, this is the perfect style for you. With a standard garage center, these structures have attached lean-tos on either side, adding multifunctional spaces to your design. The lean-tos can remain open like a carport cover, or you can fully enclose them as a standalone garage or finish them off in any configuration that meets your needs. Metal barns can accommodate year-round commercial and recreational use for your ranch, farm, or other type of property.

    Uses for Metal Barns

    Metal barns are a popular style of building that offer a wide surface area and great versatility. Due to their multi-purpose functionality, metal horse barns offer you the ability to provide storage in a number of applications.

    If you are using a layout with a large main garage, this will serve as your main storage area that is perfect for agricultural equipment or livestock. You may enclose livestock such as cows and horses within the lean-to sections, providing them with ample shelter and feed. Supplies storage and vehicle protection for tractors or ploughs is also a common application that can satisfy your needs.

    You may customize any part of these steel barns according to your ideal dimensions, as well as their functions. Choose a carport-cover style lean-to for more open space, or wall it off for more protection against rain. You may choose to have two enclosed lean-tos and an uncovered main garage, which is ideal for large vehicle storage such as RVs or boats.

    We make customization simple, offering you all the tools you need to change the dimensions of your structure by height, width, and additional options.

    High Quality Materials – When It Matters Most

    Whether you’re using your metal horse barn to safeguard your livestock or to protect agricultural vehicles, you can count on the strength and integrity of your building. We really believe in the strength & life of our structures. You may also customize your order with additional anchors for even further assurance against harsh weather. Our paneling and roofing is light yet remains sturdy against the elements and the heavy use of your structure.

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