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Benefits of Light-Gauge

Buildability: The usage of light gauge steel structures lessens on field works, decreases material wastage and enhances the quality of the structure. Simply put, the labor cost to erect one of these structures is almost around 50% relative to the older style of steel structures due to the overall weight difference. This is especially important during the foundation stage of a project, where we can see a large difference between how much material is needed for light-gauge footings compared to the footings of heavier systems due to weight.

Speed: Light gauge steel structures take less construction time with comparison to bricks or concrete blocks construction. It overall saves up to 30% time for a project.

Strong but Lightweight: Light gauge steel possess high strength to weight ratio than any other material used for constructing buildings. Due to this, a large amount of reinforcement is saved during foundation construction. Moreover, the materials themselves can be easily handled.

Design Flexibility: Light gauge steel offers flexibility in design as larger span lengths are available due to less weight of structure and space utilization is increased. This is how we can offer large clear span Widths.

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